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E-Cigarettes banned from Manhattan public spaces and workplaces.

Manhattan Bans E-Cigs From Public Spaces And Workplaces

On November the 15th, the Manhattan City Commission banned the use of e-cigarettes in public spaces or in the workplace, much to the dissatisfaction of vapers. The City of Manhattan banned tobacco from public spaces and workplaces in August 2008, after receiving petitions from the public. This act did not affect the use of vaping products. It recently emerged that a third of Americans believe that e-cigarettes are more harmful than normal cigarettes, despite seemingly overwhelming evidence that e-cigs are 95% healthier than normal tobacco. “There is a small vaping community here; it would be sad to see that go,” said Stanley Heeney, a 25-year-old Manhattan resident. “I know it has helped a lot of people stop smoking cigarettes.” “In 2015, tobacco use went down 2 percent,” said Crayton Caswell, the owner of Manhattan Vapors, is vaping business owner who has achieved a lot of success within the vaping community. Now the new City ordinance has limited e-cigarette-use, it remains to be seen what happens to vaping statistics and popularity. “That’s when e-cigarettes began showing popularity and people started to stop using tobacco products.” The United States of America has been at odds with e-cigarettes for the last couple of years, with the FDA beginning its deeming plans to regulate e-cigarettes like regular tobacco in May. The FDA has since rebuffed legal challenges and even aims to regulate nicotine-free vaping products, such as e-liquids with no nicotine content. It remains to be seen what happens to vaping in the US.
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