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Michigan plan bill to ban e-cig sales to minors

Michigan Plan Bill To Ban E-Cig Sales To Minors

The sale of cigarettes to people younger than 18 is prohibited in Michigan but there are no further laws regulating e-cigarette sales. However, a Lansing new bill is looking to change that, amid fears that e-cigarettes could draw youngsters in. Sen. Rick Jones of Michigan’s 24th District has argued that, whilst there is federal regulation that prevents minors from buying e-cigs, there is a potential loophole and it’s important that Michigan’s laws dictate the same thing as the federal regulation. Under the proposed regulations, the sale and possession of e-cigs and nicotine cartridges would be subject to the same terms as tobacco products. Senator Rick Jones admits that e-cigarettes are a helpful device to those who’re trying to quit smoking. Senator Jones is seemingly echoing mainstream science. Recent studies have found that there is no e-cig DNA damage and that vaping is not a gateway to smoking. "I don't want it sold to children because they like the flavours, and then they're going to get addicted and move on probably to cigarettes," said Sen. Jones, and is hoping that by Michigan introducing these new vaping regulations, minor e-cig use will fall. Vaping is currently a fiercely debated topic across the United States, with a US vaping group battling e-cig tax and Manhattan upholding an e-cig ban just in the last month. President Donald Trump, who entered office on January 20th, has been urged to battle the FDA’s e-cig regulation.
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