Republicans Tom Cole and Sanford Bishop have introduced a bill into the US House of Representatives on Thursday that could save e-cigarettes and the vaping industry. The objective of the bill was to alter the Food and Drug Administration’s plan to scrupulously examine products that entered the market from 2007, a costly and complex approval process. The FDA’s regulation has had dire consequences on the e-cigarette industry, and the move is likely to cause particular damage on e-cigarette businesses as all industries entered the market after February 2007. Experts have even estimated that 99% of the vaping market could be wiped out, which could actually leave major tobacco companies with the space left by e-cigs as they can afford to comply to the FDA’s fierce regulation, reportedly. However, this bill could halt the FDA's e-cigarette prohibition. "This legislation preserves the FDA's ability to regulate these products on par with cigarettes, grandfathers currently available products. and then requires the FDA's approval for any new product tobacco-related," said Cole, R-Okla. Previously President Donald Trump has been urged by fellow Republicans to reconsider the FDA's regulation.

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