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New Singapore Vape Ban Set For February

Renowned for its strict laws and attitude to vaping, Singapore will formally introduce a full-blown e-cigarette and vaping ban in February, after its efforts to minimise vaping created a black market.

From the 1st of February, vaping products will be banned completely, including for people travelling into Singapore. With an estimated 16 million tourists every year, Singapore, a sovereign state, will fine anyone, regardless of their origin, approximately $2000 if found buying, using or even possessing an e-cigarette.

The ban will also include shisha and chewing tobacco products, whilst cigarettes remain available to the public. Vape bans, restrictions and regulations are very common across the continent. In Indonesia, the government has been criticised for “siding with the tobacco companies”.

Whilst in Thailand, citizens and travellers can face up to 10 years in prison for vaping. Although the Thai vaping community are trying to battle e-cigarette regulations and convince lawmakers that they are a valid form of smoking cessation, change doesn’t seem to be forthcoming at the moment.

Were you planning on travelling to Singapore with your e-cigarette? What do you think of the ban? Will you be affected? Comment below.
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