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New Vaping Laws for 2016

New vaping laws are set into come into place in May 2016 in UK. These new restrictions and regulations, means the way E-Cigarette users vape will be affected. These rules will affect the way E-Cigarettes and E-Liquids products will be sold and manufactured, this includes restrictions on how they will be advertised and displayed in shops. These new regulations have been made by the EU’s 2001 Tobacco Products Directive, meaning that from May, E-Cigarettes will be classed as tobacco products. The new rule that will class E-Cigarettes as tobacco will be implemented across the EU member states, which will regulate the way tobacco products (including E-Cigarettes) are sold, presented and manufactured.

New 2016 E-Cigarette Regulations

  • Refill size of containers of nicotine liquid has been limited to 10ml.
  • Size of cartridges/ tanks is not allowed to exceed 2ml.
  • Nicotine concentration in e liquids is limited to no more than 20mg.
  • E-Cigarettes provide a consistent dose of nicotine.
  • Mechanisms must be in place to ensure E-Cigarettes and refill containers are leak free.
  • If a product is believed to present a health risk by three EU countries they may be       prohibited.

How Vapers will be affected

From May 2016 E-Cigarettes products used will be regulated under the TPD, this is how it will affect the way people vape:
  • TPD rules may mean all refillable products are banned, as they do not have the mechanism, which will ensure there is no leakage whilst refilling.
  •  Replaceable heads are likely to be banned, as under the new rules altering heads on your atomizer may be considered as “tampering.”
  • Refill containers over 10ml will be banned, meaning people are no longer able to purchase 30ml E-Liquids.
  • Likely massive reductions in flavours and E-Liquids, as companies will need to provide full detailed notifications containing all the chemical components in liquids and vapour. This includes measurements of addictiveness of the product.
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