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New York Indoor Vape Ban Implemented

New Yorkers and visitors are now banned from using their vaping devices indoors, after the ban from provisions of the New York Clean Indoor Air Act was imposed recently. The ban will extend to the workplace, restaurants, bars and other indoor spaces that will force vapers and e-cig users outside with the smokers this cold New York winter. State Health Commissioner, Dr. Howard Zucker, said: "Although e-cigarette use is promoted as a healthier alternative to tobacco use by the vaping industry, research has shown that they may carry long-term health risks for users and those exposed to second-hand emissions." The Legislature adopted the measure in June that will officially now ban e-cigs from indoor spaces in New York. Negative studies of e-cigarettes and reports portraying vaping in a negative light are often in stark contrast to many of the reports emanating from the UK. Lawmakers have recently showed support for e-cigs in the UK, with a cross-party group of MPs and lords created the ‘State of the Vaping Nation’ report, an informative assortment of vaping facts that aims to educate their peers. Those who have pushed for the New York indoor e-cig ban believe that vaper poses similar health risks to regular cigarettes, something that has proved very debatable among e-cig experts and doctors over the years. A recent study found that switching to e-cigs from smoking could cause fewer premature deaths.
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