The NHS are considering prescribing e-cigarettes to help people stop smoking after it was revealed they’re around 95% safer than traditional cigarettes. With e-cigarettes already established as one of the best methods to help people quit smoking, the NHS prescribing the devices is only likely to increase their success rate. The Public Health England report says vaping is turning the heads of smokers looking to quit. It also clears up any erroneous suggestions that vaping from a young age will lead people to smoking traditional cigarettes. Due to all of the evidence proving how viable e-cigarettes are for smokers looking to quit, many medical professionals have switched sides on the issue. In 2014, England had 1.8 million medical prescription items designed to help people quit. At least half were nicotine replacement therapy, such as nicotine gum, sprays and patches. This totalled to about £49 million for the NHS, already a significant reduction from 3 years earlier. With the inclusion of e-cigarettes, it is feasible that the NHS would save even more as the prices of e-cigarettes are much cheaper than existing methods.

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