Scotland’s largest health board has decided to now lift their ban on the use of e-cigarettes on NHS grounds. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde's decision has been based on the overwhelming evidence of health benefits and hopes that the decision will help tackle tobacco smoking. This is the latest positive move for e-cigarettes with widespread suggestions that GPs will be prescribing e-cigarettes to help people quit smoking. E-cigarettes have emerged as a successful smoking cessation for many. With vaping statistics enjoying rapid growth and with no end seemingly in sight, it appears that the NHS is embracing e-cigs as a smoking cessation. Public Health England, the governmental health agency, estimates that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. “E-cigarettes could be a game changer in public health, in particular by reducing the enormous health inequalities caused by smoking,” said Professor Ann McNeill from King’s College London. Currently NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and NHS Lothian allow e-cigarettes to be used on their grounds. NHS GGC’s director of public health Dr Emilia Crighton has said that tobacco contributes to a quarter of deaths in Scotland. She added: “We’re now allowing e-cigarettes on our grounds to give our patients, staff and visitors more choice in how they quit smoking.” “We have seen the percentage of people who smoke fall from 37.5% to 25% over the last 10 years. I believe allowing e-cigarette use is the next tool in that fight and it will play a role in reducing that figure even more.”

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