A study has shown that people are precisely divided over the use of e-cigarettes in English pubs. The poll was in response to the news that a local pub in Bath had banned vaping and its results were 50/50. The Bath Chronicle found that 37 per cent of the respondents believed e-cigarettes are just as anti-social as real cigarettes and 13 per cent said vaping glamourises smoking and should be baned in all public places. Some sanity did prevail, though, as 26 per cent accept that e-cigarettes don’t smell as badly or carry the same risks as normal cigarettes, echoing widely accepted claims that e-cigarettes are safer than tobacco. 24 per cent supported individual pubs right to ban e-cigarettes but not for legislation to do it for them. The topic is up for widespread debate at the moment, with the Welsh Government opting against plans to extend the e-cigarette ban when it seemed a formality. Similarly, a proposed vaping ban in public places failed in Connecticut, and it was revealed last year that English pubs won’t follow the Welsh motions to ban e-cigarettes.

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