Public Health England, a part of the British Health Department, has slammed top Australian Public Health advocates, arguing that they have made a series of factual errors about vaping and e-cigs. Writing to the Senate inquiry into e-cigs, PHE want professors Becky Freeman, Maurice Swanson and Simon Chapman, the latter a prominent anti-smoking campaigner, to correct their errors that PHE are arguing are misrepresenting vaping evidence. PHE has been involved with e-cigs for a long time, releasing the original report that suggested e-cigs were 95% safer than regular cigarettes, and recently launched TV ads to promote e-cigs as a method of helping smokers quit. The Australian health trio are accused of misrepresenting evidence about vaping and Britain’s policies around e-cigs, with the PHE insisting that Britain “operate the same detailed approach” as the rest of the European Union. In response, Professor Chapmen believes that PHE is “clutching at straws” and labelled their argument “pathetic”. E-cigarettes are virtually illegal in Australia.

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