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An Isle of Man Vape Prison trial has been called a major success

Prison Vape Trial Called ‘Major Success’

An e-cigarette trial carried out in an Isle of Man prison has been described as a major success by a report that analysed the use of e-cigarettes among prisoners. Following a six-month trial period where prisoners were given e-cigarettes to help them kick their smoking addictions, health bosses, politicians and prisoners are among those welcoming the results.

The findings from the study into the trial unearthed numerous benefits for prisoners and prisons alike, including saving £10,000 and a 42% fall in disciplinary cases. The Isle of Man Prison that ran the e-cigarette trial ban cigarette smoker 10 years ago, becoming the first in Europe to do so. 

The Prison first aimed to trial e-cigarettes to fight nicotine addictions for inmates last year. One prisoner said that the Isle of Man Prison said that it was a great environment to quit smoking, and that he had never thought about quitting before.

The Isle of Man e-cig prison trial isn’t the first of its kind offering alternatives to help smokers quit. However, they haven’t always been successful. A Wrexham prison began offering inmates gum, nicotine patches and group support in a bit to reduce smoking rates among prisoners.
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