An ordinance in Ansonia, Connecticut, designed to ban vaping from athletic fields, parks and recreation centres has crumbled after two e-cigarette users explained that the devices helped them quit smoking. Lynne Schwarzenberg and Tommie Howell produced passionate pleas to convince Alderman Pet Henri eliminated vaping devices from the banned tobacco substances list in some of the public spaces. “I intended to vote for the ban, but they convinced me otherwise,” said Henri, a 6th Ward alderman. “My thinking is, we don't have to jump on this now. If problems come down the road, we can amend the ordinance.” This serves as a microcosm of the power vapers have with their testimonies. With the effectiveness of e-cigarettes already clearly determined, vapers are armed and able to fight unnecessary rulings to eliminate the devices. E-cigarettes have surged in the UK, with a reported 2.6 million users, helping thousands quit and battle smoking addiction. The USA’s stance on vaping appears to be a mixed bag. California recently voted in favour of regulating e-cigarettes, but Utah rejected the opportunity to raise the tax on the devices to 86%. It has been reported that 10% of US adults are e-cigarette users, an astronomical amount of people.

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