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Public Health England has acknowledged that e-cigs do not normalise cigarettes.

Public Health England Swat Down Erroneous E-Cig Reports

Responding to some concerns of pharmacists, Public Health England has revealed that there is no data to suggest that e-cigs normalise smoking, in a devastating report for e-cig haters. PHE has extensively studied “intended and unintended consequences” of vaping and has failed to find anything that supported suggestions that e-cigs could increase cigarette smoking, according to the director of health and wellbeing, Kevin Fenton. “Yes, we must be concerned about the normalisation of smoking behaviours," he said. "But if that was happening, we wouldn’t see the significant reductions in smoking in children – which we’re seeing,” said Fenton. “We can’t make up evidence where it doesn’t exist.” Around 10,000 pharmacies took part in PHE’s annual Stoptober on Tuesday (25th September) that is a campaign to help smokers quit. PHE provided their findings at the event. PHE has also found that there are twice as many ex-smokers as there are smokers, as the public continue to realise the health benefits. There’s not doubt that vaping has played an integral role in this. PHE are the renowned health body that found e-cigs are 95% safer than regular tobacco. Since then, the majority of mainstream science has widely recognised the effectiveness of e-cigs in helping smokers quit. Recently, it has emerged that e-cigs have helped 150,000 quit in the North-East alone, and a separate study has concluded that e-cigs help smokers quit.
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