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Regulate E-Cigs Now - US Senator To FDA

US Senator Chuck Schumer for New York is urging the Food and Drug Administration to begin regulating e-cigarettes immediately. The Democrat is concerned about an alleged rise in popularity of e-cigarettes among teenagers, after a study arose that 20% of New York youngsters are vaping. The organisation began its deeming regulation in August 2016, and there were subsequent negative impacts for the US vaping industry. In August of this year, the FDA revealed that it adjusted is policy on vaping to include the de-nicotinisation of cigarettes. They also delayed their 30th September deadline for manufacturers to sign up due to technical difficulties. In his letter to the FDA, Senator Schumer expressed concern at the young people of the United States apparent exposure to tobacco and e-cigarette products, and urged the agency to take action and regulate e-cigs now. Senator Schumer’s claims are disputable, though. The use of e-cigs decreased from 16% in 2015 to 11.3% in 2016. The state that Schumer represents, New York, recently implemented an indoor vaping ban, which restricts vaping in public indoor spaces such as the workplace, restaurants, bars and more.
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