Researches have developed a ‘safer’ e-cigarette that retains the flavour of tobacco but is less harmful. The fresh tobacco will serve as an alternative to e-liquids, in a combination of e-cigarettes and old-fashioned smoking. Vapers can depend on the flavour to enjoy their experience, but researchers argue e-cigarette flavours and food grade and tobacco flavourings are unsatisfactory. This hybrid delivers a good tobacco flavour without needing to heat or burn the tobacco. This process eliminates the danger of toxins that are produced by burning tobacco, according to British American Tobacco, the developers. “E-cigarettes have proven hugely popular, but one size does not fit all, which is why we are developing a range of innovative tobacco and nicotine products, in addition to e-cigarettes, to give consumers a greater choice of less risky products,” said scientist Dr Ian Fearon. It has been previously reported that e-cigarettes are safer than tobacco, and are helping thousands quit smoking. A safe tobacco flavoured cigarette may help smokers trying to quit. It is very important smokers gain nicotine from their e-cigarettes.

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