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Rugby MP Urges Government To Support Vaping To Quit Smoking

Rugby MP Mark Pawsey, Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for e-cigs, has written on the Conservative Home website urging the Government to support vaping if it helps smokers quit. The Conservative MP attributes his interest in vaping to listening to his constituents who said they had successfully quit smoking by their e-cig use. The group that Pawsey chairs released the ‘State of the Vaping Nation’ report to their parliamentary colleagues recently to try to educate peers about e-cigs and the vaping industry. Pawsey also alluded to Public Health England backing e-cigs in their TV ad campaign for Stoptober. “There is no doubt that vaping has been picking up serious momentum over the past year. Its safety and efficacy as a smoking cessation tool has been endorsed by Public Health England, Cancer Research UK, and the Royal College of Physicians to name but a few. Indeed, the Government made a commitment to encourage the use of vaping products in their Tobacco Control Plan launched in July,” MP Pawsey wrote on Conservative Home. “It appears to be working. I have heard from the UK Vaping Industry Association that this endorsement has already had a significant impact, with their members reporting increases in the sale of starter kits of between 37-65 per cent. Clearly, Public Health England’s message is cutting through.” “That is not to say that we must do away with regulation. Clearly, there are significant gaps in our knowledge when it comes to e-cigarettes and nobody wants to take risks when it comes to people’s health. But what we do know is that smoking harms all of its users and any opportunity must be taken to encourage smokers to kick the habit.” “Above all, what we need to create when it comes to vaping products is clarity. That is why the APPG has just published its first ‘State of the Vaping Nation’ report, which analyses the current policy context and examines the confusing messages the public are receiving.”
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