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Southampton scientists are hoping to develop an even safer e-cig.

Scientists Seeking Even Safer E-Cigarettes

As it was recently reaffirmed that e-cigs help smokers quit, scientists in Southampton are seeking to develop new methods of vaping. Last week, a new study published in the British Medical Journal concluding that there are “huge health gains from stopping smoking”, and e-cigs help smokers quit. In addition, a team from University College London and Cancer Research UK have suggested that e-cigs have helped around 18,000 people quit. Now armed with the facts, Southampton scientists are seeking to save more lives by conducting further research and tests to develop an even safer e-cig. Focusing on an idea previously theorised, the scientists are aiming to invent a device that creates aerosol that is then drawn over a plug of tobacco. British America Tobacco are aiming to test this product in Romania, but it’s not expected to challenge the incredibly successful standard e-cig just yet. In addition, the Southampton team are developing an e-cigarette system that requires no heat. “The Voke” is the world’s smallest breath-activated tobacco inhaler that doesn’t heat or burn. Initially, it will be available from pharmacies as it is simply aimed at smokers who are trying to quit. However, British America Tobacco have not rejected the idea of The Voke being available to the general public. It has already been found that vapers have fewer lung conditions than regular smokers, so it is unclear how much safer vaping could actually become. For a stunning range of vaping products, visit Cigara now!
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