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Smokers wanted for Sheffield e-cig study.

Sheffielders Wanted For E-Cig Research

Smokers from Sheffield are wanted for a three-year Sheffield Hallam University study into using e-cigarettes to quit smoking. The university wants 250 people to be involved in the study, with their progress tracked for the next six months. Vaping has been found as the best method of quitting cigarettes and that vaping doubles a smoker’s chances of quitting. In the study, participants will be separated into three groups. One using e-cigarettes with nicotine, one with no nicotine, and another using nicotine replacement therapies. The cholesterol and nicotine addiction of those who take part in the study will be monitored, along with their arteries and carbon monoxide from their breath. The aim of the study is to find out more on the long-term effects of e-cigarettes, and a clinical physiologist has said that Sheffielders must be willing to quit smoking to take part in the research. “Although they may have an inclination which group they would like to be, they should be ready to follow the group they are in,” said Dr Markos Klonizakis. It is widely acknowledged that vaping is safer than smoking, with Public Health England saying e-cigs are around 95% safer than regular cigarettes.
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