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Smoking at record low as British adults continue to switch to vaping to quit cigarettes.

Smoking At Record Low As Britons Continue To Turn To Vaping

Newly emerged statistics have reaffirmed the effectiveness of e-cigs, showing a significant decline in the number of smokers since 2010, and there are less cigarettes being smoked per day. The data shows the lowest smoking levels since records began in 1974, with more than a million people using e-cigarettes to help them kick the habit.

According to the Office for National Statistics, 17.2% of adults smoked in 2015, whereas in 2010, 20.1% of UK adults were smoking. Despite facing regulation in Europe and in the United States, e-cigarettes continue to make an indelible impression on UK adults, and have easily solidified their place as the number one method of smoking cessation.

Landmark e-cig research recently found that vaping substantially improves health, making it rather mystifying why e-cigarettes are continually the subject of EU and US regulation. It also emerged last month that vaping is far safer and less toxic than smoking, indicating that those smokers who are quitting thanks to e-cigs have made the right decision, as Britons continue to quit smoking for vaping.

The study has found that there are 2.3 million vapers in England, Scotland and Wales, making up around 4% of the population. Four million others have described themselves as former vapers.

Half of the 2.3 million e-cigarette users said they were vaping to quit smoking, whilst 22% said they’re vaping as it is healthier than smoking. 10% said vaping is more cost-effective, whilst 9% preferred e-cigs as they were permitted for indoor use.
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