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Smoking Cessation Rates Helped By E-Cigs-myCigara

Smoking Cessation Rates Helped By E-Cigs

Research carried out by clinicians and researchers into five years of US tobacco use has found that e-cig use helps smoking cessation rates. Statistics show that smoking has dropped significantly for the first time in 25 years as e-cig use has risen. It’s been a positive week for e-cig advocates, with major UK health body Public Health England declaring their support for smokers using e-cigs to quit, and the NHS saying that vaping is definitely less harmful than smoking.

These new findings, published in the British Medical Journal, are likely to strengthen support for fewer e-cig regulations and restrictions in the US. The study states: "This study has two principal findings. First, in 2014-15, e-cigarette users in the United States attempted to quit cigarette smoking and succeeded in quitting at higher rates than non-users." "Second, the overall population smoking cessation rate in 2014-15 increased statistically significantly from that in 2010-11.

The 1.1 percentage point increase in cessation rate (from 4.5% to 5.6%) might appear small, but it represents approximately 350 000 additional US smokers who quit in 2014-15." "The main strength of our study is that we used the largest representative sample of e-cigarette users among the US population. Moreover, by using the ongoing US Current Population Surveys, we evaluated the impact of e-cigarettes in a larger context through comparing the quit rate in 2014-15 with that of the same population survey from previous years."

"This provides the clearest result to date that e-cigarette use is not only associated with a higher smoking cessation rate at the individual user level but also at the population level." The research involved five different surveys, of varying participants, including a total of 161,054 people.

Data from 2014-2015 showed that the smoking cessation rate was higher among e-cig users than non-e-cig users. Moreover, in the past it's been found that daily vapers quit smoking at the highest rate.
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