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A think tank has called for low e-cig taxes to protect the health and welfare.

Stop E-Cig Tax, Demand IEA Think Tank

An Institute of Economic Affairs’ think tank argues that e-cigarettes and other proven healthier alternatives have a lower tax. A heavy tax levy on vaping products would greatly increase the cost of e-cigs in the UK, and the think tank believe a lower tax would improve the health and welfare of smokers trying to quit. The author of the report, economist Carl Philips, has launched a scathing attack on policy makers for refusing to abide by “simple economics”. “Public health people are notoriously economically illiterate. Most of the nonsense in the policy discussion, on all sides, stems from ignoring economics,” said Phillips. “Just because a choice has health implications do not eliminate the value of economic analysis. The concept of addiction only makes sense in the context of economics, so it is obviously not a reason for ignoring economic science.” The think tank wants to protect the health of smokers as a heavy tax levy would all but price out smokers looking to quit. It has been found that in the US, where the FDA have implemented their regulatory changes, that e-cig users will likely go back to tobacco or to the black market. There’s no doubting the success rate of e-cigs – they’ve helped around six million smokers quit across Europe and are already considered the most effective method of quitting. It was revealed in March that the EU wanted to see e-cigs heavily taxed just like regular cigarettes. Despite Brexit, it seems the UK’s stance isn’t too indifferent.
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