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Stoptober Triggers Surge In E-Cig Starter Kit Sales

We’re currently in Stopober, the annual campaign that encourages cigarette users to quit their habits and for the first time, the campaign recommended the use of e-cigarettes to help smokers quit. The campaign, backed by Public Health England, appears to have worked, causing a spike in the sale of vape starter kits in the UK, with reports of a 37% increase when compared with the previous year. “E-cigarettes are now the most popular way to quit in the country with half of all those taking part in Stoptober last year using an e-cigarette,” said Professor John Newton, director of health improvement at Public Health England, speaking last month. “The evidence is clear – vaping is much less harmful than smoking – a fraction of the risk. So, if you’ve struggled with quitting before, an e-cigarette may be the best option for you.” The public health industry is currently divided over the issue. Major health bodies and organisations, such as the National Health Service and Public Health England, are clearly throwing their weight behind e-cigarettes and the vaping culture as a means of quitting smoking. However, there have been some that have said vaping is just as harmful as smoking cigarettes. Visit our range of vape starter kits at myCigara now!
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