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Smokers Swap Cigarettes for Fruity Flavours, Says US Survey

Survey: Smokers Swap Cigarettes For Fruity E-Liquids

According to a new survey published by the Daily Record, smokers that are switching to vaping will prefer fruity flavours, the most popular e-liquids among vapers. Fruit-based flavours such as grape are the most popular among e-cigarette users, and smokers are more likely to ditch cigarettes for an e-cigarette kit if they’re offered fruity flavours.

The survey studied the vaping habits of over 20,000 e-cig users and found that fruity flavours are the most popular, beating menthol-flavoured e-liquids and e-cigs to the top flavour. A similar study in 2016 found that e-cig flavours are crucial to helping smokers quit, as the variety of flavours allows e-cig users to find the e-liquid that’s perfect for them.

Despite this, there has been criticism of e-liquid flavours among anti-vaping campaigners and lawmakers, particularly across the pond in the United States. Late last year, a Manhattan Assemblywoman called for e-liquid flavours to be banned.

Moreover, last month, flavoured e-liquid vaping products were banned in San Francisco, after voters decided to uphold a ban on e-liquid flavours, in what was perhaps the strong move against e-cigarettes in American history. In the US survey published by the Daily Record, tobacco flavoured e-liquids have halved in popularity since 2011, as of 2015-2016.

In the same period, fruity flavours grew from 17.8% of first time users to 33.5%. “Restricting access to non-tobacco e-cigarette flavours may discourage smokers from attempting to switch to e-cigarettes,” said Dr Christopher Russell, of Glasgow-based Centre for Substance Use Research.
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