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Thai Vaping Community Battle E-Cig Regulations

Thai locals are urging regulators to re-evaluate their stance on e-cigarettes after a couple were arrested for selling vaping products on Tuesday. Since November 2014, importing, exporting, selling or even possessing vaping products has been banned, and people in Thailand risk having their items confiscated and can be fined or even sent to prison for up to 10 years.

After the couple were arrested in Pathum Thani for selling e-cigarette products via social networks last Tuesday, locals are speaking out, and want e-cigs to be regulated like other tobacco products. In an opinion piece published on the Bangkok Post, the editorial writes that it’s time for vaping laws in Thailand to be revisited.

“A total ban is too extreme, and the punishment, which can include imprisonment of up to 10 years, is far too harsh.” “Alternatively, regulating e-cigarettes the same way as traditional tobacco products should be an approach conservative enough to be accepted by opponents and flexible enough for enthusiasts and users.”

The information-packed piece of journalism went onto discuss many other facts about vaping and vaping regulation around the world. Thailand should adopt a similar approach to the EU. The Thai anti-tobacco laws are among the strongest in the world.

The country can apply the same restrictions on the sale and advertisement of e-cigarettes such as the need for a health risk warning displayed on product packaging and prohibition of access to minors. Manufacturers should also be required to disclose their ingredients.”
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