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Tobacco Laws Discourage Vaping?

Tobacco Laws Discourage Vaping?

Research published in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research in February suggests that in areas where there are harsh tobacco laws, vaping rates are similarly affected. It can be inferred that US states with high cigarette taxes and anti-tobacco regulations are stifling vaping, according to researchers from New York University.

Researchers did not reveal a specific cause in the study that was released on 27th of February. The relationship between smoking and vaping and the potential influence each lifestyle has over the other is a long, hotly-debated topic, with conflicting arguments from various sources around the world. Last year, it was revealed that US cigarette sales could increase if regulators The Food and Drug Administration banned e-cigarettes.

Lead author and postdoctoral fellow in the NYU School of Medicine Dr. Omar El-Shahawy, said: “Our research adds to the understanding of the geographic and sociodemographic factors underlying e-cigarette use within the existing tobacco control environment.” “Several decades of research on traditional cigarettes guided the existing tobacco control environment.

E-cigarettes are relatively new and constantly evolving, which makes the task in regulating them very challenging,” Despite numerous sources indicating that e-cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes, it seems that many regulators are just as concerned about vaping rates as smoking rates. Previous studies have suggested that the popularity of vaping, the most common smoking cessation aid, diminishes amid vaping regulation.
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