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Top American tobacco maker wants FDA to reconsider its regulation.

Top US Tobacco Manufacturer Wants FDA To Reconsider Regulation

Altria Group Inc, the US’ biggest tobacco manufacturer, has pleaded with the Food and Drug Administration to loosen its scheduled regulation of e-cigarettes, despite claims they could receive a major boost from the FDA’s restrictions. Due to take affect from 8 August, and it has been predicted that the changes could greatly damage the e-cigarette industry, crushing many of the products currently on the market. MarkTen, created by Altria subsidiary Nu Mark LLC, is the third biggest e-cig in the US, occupying 16.3% of the market. Altria has plead with the FDA to reconsider after sending their comments on 11 July, outlining that e-cigs are the reduced-risk products that Congress intends to support when Congress gave the FDA power to regulate. In a 22-page long comment, Altria said: “If adopted in its current form, the draft guidance may result in many existing ENDS being forced off the market and make it difficult for some manufacturers to develop new ENDS products.” “Should this occur, adult tobacco consumers will be deprived of important product choices.” It was revealed in May that e-cigs were going to be regulated like regular cigarettes in the US and must undergo federal review. Recently, US Senator Ron Johnson has pressed the FDA on their e-cigarette regulation, and has threatened to “compel answers” from them.
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