Following a modification to the European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive, Squonkers have effectively been banned from the market, although it’s possible they will become available once again as manufacturers make adjustments.

Vendors, including myCigara, have been notified by email that the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency that the sale of current Squonkers or Squonking devices available on the market is not allowed. Squonk bottles with a capacity of more than 2ml, practically every Squonker on the market, have been added to the TPD’s banned list. However, manufacturers are expected to adjust their products soon to ensure compliance.

Put simply, any Squonker with 2ml juice capacities are no longer allowed. Of course, when the TPD originally took effect on 20th May 2017, juice capacity was capped at 2ml. The ban has proven controversial among the vaping community as a Squonk bottle is not an essential element of the atomiser. This means that squonk bottles must be under 2ml, which is not compatible with the Squonkers currently on the market.

The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency has said that Squonkers sold without a bottle would be allowed, but any Squonk bottle sold must be 2ml or under. With the Brexit date looming, the future of the TPD is in the UK’s hands. However, the Government blocked a recent attempt to reverse the TPD, sponsored by MP Christopher Chope.

The EU Withdrawal Bill will sign all EU Law into UK Law, which can then be tampered with by UK lawmakers. With the Government currently in tatters over Brexit and cabinet members quitting, it’s not surprising that the vaping industry is hardly the at the forefront of the UK political agenda. To find out more about the TPD and follow the very latest information available, visit

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