The popularity of vaping has surged in recent years. E-cigarettes, as it is helping thousands quit and proven safer than tobacco, have been called the greatest invention ever by some, and even more popular than Jesus. After it was announced that London Heathrow is to open the world’s first vaping zone, Skyscanner launched a survey to find out if travellers want zones adopted by other airports. Skyscanner found that 57% of travellers support the idea. Interestingly, 50% of non-smokers also backed airport vaping zones. Despite the vaping zone support, only a fifth of smokers believe e-cig use should be allowed anywhere in an airport. Only 40% backed vaping zones on-board, but 64% of smokers said they would consider buying e-cigs and vaping if they were available. The majority of smokers are, unexpectedly, against an overall ban of e-cigarettes in public spaces.

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