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Trump urged to act against the FDA's e-cigarette regulations.

Trump Urged To Battle FDA’s E-Cig Regulation

President-elect Donald Trump has been urged to block the Food and Drug Administration’s deeming regulations that would threaten 15,000 e-cig makers and potentially stop smokers from quitting. Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson and Californian Rep. Duncan Hunter have written to Vice President-elect Mike Pence arguing that the new regulations could destroy the industry as there will be $1 million in fees imposed per product. "If the FDA's overreach goes unchecked, then thousands of jobs and small businesses will disappear," said the Republicans. " could potentially hurt the public's health by making it harder for consumers to access products that serve as an alternative to smoking," they added. It is unclear what exactly is on Trump and Pence’s agenda when they take office, but they will be urged to act against the FDA's regulation. Trump had made a series of controversial claims and has pledged to repeal many of Obama’s regulations. Previously, Ron Johnson has pressed the FDA for greater clarity on their regulations. Johnson has said that the rules could be “catastrophic” and his referred to a local film that creates e-liquids as an example of a manufacturer could be affected, costing jobs. The FDA began their regulation in May, and have rebuffed legal challenges.
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