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US Senator wants FDA to revaluate its deeming rules.

US Senator Presses FDA For E-Cig Regulation

After the Food and Drug Administration agreed to regulate e-cigs in the US, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is calling for the FDA to answer questions and, if they fail to answer, is threatening to compel the answers from them. The FDA’s regulation of e-cigarettes, which is aggressive and will change the industry, could lead to 99% of e-cig products on the existing market and this has caused fierce debate and controversy in the US. On May 19, Johnson demanded more information on the implications and consequences of the FDA’s “deeming” rules. Johnson, a Republican, is pressing the FDA to revaluate its new rules if there is sufficient information proving that vaping is a viable alterative to traditional cigarettes. Johnson is also demanding specific details from the FDA which demonstrate how businesses will be affected by their ridiculously big 499-page document. Johnson also wants any potential smoking increase investigated, like the recent upsurge among youngsters after e-cig regulation in the US. On Monday, Senator Ron Johnson said: “I wrote to request your assistance in understanding the consequences that this new regulation may have on small businesses and the public’s health. To date, you have not responded to my letter. Therefore, I write again to reiterate my request for information about FDA’s regulation and its potential consequences.” “Since I sent my initial letter to you, I have heard from many small-business owners who manufacture or sell e-cigarette products. These job creators have contacted my office expressing their grave concerns about the FDA’s regulatory overreach. They fear that the FDA’s e-cigarette rule will force them out of business by requiring them to complete costly and time-consuming premarket applications for each e-cigarette product.” The FDA announced its decision to regulate e-cigs like regular cigarettes early May, after having vaping products placed under their control in February.
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