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US Study: Smokers Spend More Than Vapers

According to an online poll of US e-cig users, switching from smoking to e-cigarettes can save up to $1,500 per year. With cigarettes costing between $6 and $14 in the US depending on the state, and many smokers require an entire pack per day, or even more. The poll by LendEDU published in The Washington Times said that e-cigarette users had saved an average of $1416.60 per year. Evaluating the vape consumption of 1000 users, they were asked to determine how much money they’ve saved by making the switch. 71% said they have saved money by switching to smoking, as opposed to 19.6% that said they haven’t been able to save money. American participants of the study say that they normally spend an average of $80 on the e-cigarette device, and then $60 moving forward on e-liquid and accessories every month. Needless to say, the vaping industry has really grown over the last few years, and is it is now estimated that US e-cig sales were greater than $2.35 billion. As smoking rates are generally decreasing in the UK, US and many areas of the world, vaping is on the rise. Many smokers who have quit cigarettes attribute their success to vaping. A recent US study found that local e-cig bans stop smokers quitting.
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