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A US Tennessee has criticised new tax on e-cigarettes in some states, suggesting the same thing won't happen in his state.

US Tennessee Lawmaker Slams Special E-Cig Tax, Calls Vaping “Positive”

1st District state representative Jon Lundberg has criticised states like North Carolina, Kansas, Louisiana and Minnesota for their application of new tax on e-cigs. The quotes from the Bristol-born Republican suggest that Tennessee won’t be adopting the same policy. The US has been at odds with e-cigs for some time. The FDA began implementing changes with dire consequences for the industry, and has subsequently been debated by Think Tanks and a public forum. Quotes from the Tennessee lawmaker may put the fears of e-cig users who are vaping to quit smoking to rest, making special e-cig tax in Tennessee unlikely. "Frankly they have a purpose in getting people off of traditional tobacco product. like I said people are using that to step down and quit smoking. I don't think that's a negative thing, that's actually a positive," said Lundberg. It’s clear that Lundberg has conducted research and has the best interests of normal people at heart. Recent studies have shown that e-cig vapour doesn’t cause oxidative stress in viable lung epithelial cells and have reaffirmed the generic scientific stance that e-cigarettes are 95% safer than cigarettes.
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