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US vaping statistics revealed.

US Vapers At 5.5 Million – Astonishing E-Cig Statistics Revealed

There are around five and a half million working adults using e-cigs in the US, according to research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. E-cigarettes are most prominent among works within the accommodation and food services industry. The CDCP examined data from more than 36,000 American adults as part of the 2014 National Health Interview Service. A recent report has showed that there may be a correlation between the falling cigarette sales and the rising e-cig sales in the US. There are an estimated 146 million working adults in the US, and 3.8% have used e-cigs, equating to around 5.5 million users. However, an online poll by Reuters/Ipsos found that a staggering 10% of US adults were using vaping products. Use of e-cigarettes was spread out among all kinds of factors. 16.2% of e-cig users are cigarette smokers and 15% also use other combustible tobacco or smokeless tobacco products. 5.9% of users don’t have health insurance and 5.1% are workers who earned less than $35,000 per year. It was the food preparation and serving-related jobs, which occupied the most vapers with 6.8%. Closely behind was the wholesale trade with 5.2% and manufacturing commanded 4.8%. Another study recently found that e-cigs were the most popular 'tobacco product' among US teenagers. “These findings underscore the importance of evidence-based interventions, in coordination with continued surveillance of e-cigarette use among U.S. workers, particularly with regard to concurrent use of e-cigarettes with other tobacco products, to reduce tobacco-related disease and death among this population,” researchers wrote. Across the pond over here in the UK, there are a reported 2.6 million users and they’re helping thousands quit.
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