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Kansas group battles e-cig tax

US Vaping Group Battles State Tax

A Kansas group that represents vapers is battling the State’s proposals to enforce a new tax on e-liquid. According to a lobbyist for the Kansas Vapers Association, the new tax on e-cigarettes has been poorly constructed and has made its original intent unclear. The lobbyist argued at a legislative committee meeting on Tuesday. The Kansas Vapers Association urged a Joint Committee on Administrative Rules and Regulations to reconsider the law before the Kansas Department of Revenue takes over and enforces the new tax rules. It’s not just in Kansas where Americans are trying to battle legislators and e-cig regulators, but also in numerous places across the country. The Donald Trump Administration, which will begin its tenure on January 20th, has been urged to battle FDA regulation, as their changes could “potentially stop smokers from quitting”. It seems the entirety of America doesn’t seem to be on the same wavelength as mainstream science. According to a study, over a third of American adults believe e-cigs are more harmful than regular cigarettes. According to Public Health England, e-cigarettes are around 95% safer than regular cigarettes and a recent study has found that e-cigs do no not cause DNA damage. It remains to be seen if the Kansas Vapers Association will be successful in quelling the proposed tax change.
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