Utah Statehouse representative Paul Ray has faced criticism for claiming e-cigarettes are cancer-causing and has supported an 86% tax increase on the devices. The Republican does credit smokers who have switched but says they still face a cancer risk and is hoping the tax increase will stop young people vaping. Inexplicably, the right-wing Politician can’t see how he’s contradicting himself by supporting widespread low taxes but a high tax on e-cigarettes. So, this means he expects smokers to pay for their own healthcare and pay the taxes he wants to increase. “Vapers will have lung cancer and a whole lot of other things because they’re puffing formaldehyde,” Ray said. “Formaldehyde is five to 15 times more likely to cause cancer than a cigarette. In five to 10 years from now you guys are gonna be turning around trying to sue these companies because of the health issues.” Ray’s unorthodox opinion is largely discredited thanks to recent surveys which show e-cigarettes are 95% safer than regular cigarettes. Worryingly, EU countries are considering raising the tax on e-cigs too.

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