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‘Vape God’ ditched smoking for vaping, opened his own store and even met Drake.

‘Vape God’ Ditched Smoking For Vaping And Never Looked Back

You may have seen him on your Instagram feed demonstrating some of his unbelievable vape tricks. With an exceptional ability to manipulate vapour and blow ridiculous shapes, ‘vape god’ Austin Lawrence received 1.4 million views on his latest video. His story begins with an addiction to Marlboro cigarettes whilst study computer science. The New Jersey-born superstar then quit smoking for vaping in 2014 and ditched computer science to start his own vape shop in his native New Brunswick. Lawrence said he practises “crazy” vape tracks for three or four hours every morning before he heads over to his vape store, Vertigo Vaporium, to open up and get business started. “I'm really just messing around, trying new stuff. Trying to do like crazy stuff. And at night, I'm trying to do really clean stuff that I know will do well for video.” Lawrence, still just 21, is a good example of a young person who has successfully quit cigarettes for vaping. Recently, young vapers decreed that vaping doesn’t increase likelihood of smoking, in the wake of regulation designed to prevent teenagers and young adults from vaping because of fears it's a gateway to smoking. In an interview with GQ, Lawrence revealed that rap superstar Drake invited him over to his LA mansion to teach him how to vape. He revealed that Drake was using hookah at the time, and wanted Lawrence to teach him how to use an e-cig. “I was like, um, helllllllll yeah,” said Lawrence. “He was like, "I've never seen the machines you were using. Then he said, "Yo, could you hook me up with a vape?" The Vape God admitted that he was impressed by Drake's vaping tricks, and his mansion.
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