Brits travelling to Thailand have been told they could face ten years in prison for taking an e-cig into the country. Although little is known about the law that was introduced in 2014 according to experts, but holidaymakers who’re using an e-cig in Thailand could be fined or thrown in jail. According to the Foreign Office, over one million British tourists head to Thailand every year.

A longstanding popular destination for tourists from all over the world, Thailand attracts visitors for its stunning seaside resorts, tropical beaches, international cuisine, world class hotels, nightlife and more. Popular activities for tourists includes scuba diving, fishing, land and sea tours, dining and much more.

Just some of the popular Thai destinations for Brits include Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui and Krabi Province. The Foreign Office website reads: “You can’t bring vaporisers (like e-cigarettes and e-baraku) or refills into Thailand. “These items are likely to be confiscated and you could be fined or sent to prison for up to 10 years if convicted.

“The sale or supply of e-cigarettes and similar devices is also banned and you could face a heavy fine or up to five years imprisonment if found guilty. Several British Nationals have been arrested for possession of vaporisers and e-cigarettes.” Asia serves as a microcosm for the ambivalent reception to vaping all over the world.

Before travelling to Asia, or indeed any other country for holidays, be sure to research the country's laws and attitudes to vaping in public, and research your airline's rules about taking e-cigarettes and vaping supplies abroad.

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