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A third of vapers have said they prefer e-cig flavours to the taste of traditional tobacco.

Vapers Say E-Cig Flavours Help Smokers Quit

According to a survey into vaping, over a third of vapers use e-cigarettes because they prefer the vast range of e-liquid flavours available to tobacco cigarettes. 36% of vapers “prefer flavours and taste over traditional tobacco cigarettes” according to a survey forwarded to the Daily Caller News Foundation. 62% said they vape to “quit or abstain from smoking cigarettes” whilst 38% said they use e-cigarettes “to obtain nicotine when unable to smoke cigarettes”. E-cig flavour is delivered by heating e-liquid, a mix of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, which creates an inhalable vapour, providing a hit similar to that of a normal cigarette. There is an array of e-liquid flavours available. Vapers are adamant that flavouring is crucial to them quitting, illustrating the naivety of proposals from the FDA and TPD to remove them. The transition from smoking to vaping can be a difficult one, but the Royal College of Physicians, a respected health body, recommended giving e-cigs to smokers looking to quit. The Food and Drug Administration didn’t slam down on e-cigarette flavours in its “deeming” moves, which began at the beginning of May, aiming to regulate e-cigs like normal cigarettes. R Street Institute Senior Fellow Edward Anselm was delighted to see the FDA had avoided e-cig flavours, calling it a victory for public health. “Many vapers rotate flavours through the day to allow them to continue vaping. And most importantly, these vapers report that without flavours, they are likely to return to smoking,” writes Anselm. “This is crucial, because evidence demonstrates that e-cigarettes pose less than 5 percent of the risk of potentially fatal illness presented by combustible tobacco cigarettes. Encouraging smokers to switch to e-cigarettes offers the opportunity to improve public health outcomes tremendously.”
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