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Vaping on film and TV

Vaping In TV and Film

There’s an old saying: art imitates life. As vaping continues its unstoppable ascent in our community, it appears that e-cigs are replacing regular cigarettes in film and TV. We all know Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck and Tom Hardy are already inducted to our esteemed cele-vapers list, but what actors and actresses vape on screen? John Cusack vapes in several movies, seemingly, quite happily. He’s probably some kind of vaping advocate and it’s written in his movie contracts. Cusack vapes in Drive Hard, Maps To The Stars and Reclaim. Johnny Depp in The Tourist is one of the earliest vaping characters. As he sits on the train opposite Angelina Jolie, Depp uses his e-cig. This was all the way back in 2010, when e-cigs were nowhere near as popular as they are now. Kevin Spacey created controversy in hit series House of Cards. Vaping his e-cig, Spacey says: “addition without the consequences”. Our research certainly backs up Spacey’s claims as e-cigs are considered 95% safer than regular cigarettes and don’t produce the toxins regular cigarettes do. Here are some other cele-vapers on screen: Jack Black, Sex Tape Rachel McAdams, True Detective Zac Efron, Bad Neighbours Dennis Qaid, Beneath The Darkness It's good to see vaping being properly represented on the screen. It's been reported that 5% of US adults had used an e-cig in the last month.
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