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Vaping at Glastonbury - A Complete Guide

Vaping At Glastonbury Festival - A Complete Guide

Once a year (usually), around 177,000 people descend upon a small town in Somerset one of the world’s most famous festivals: Glastonbury. Glastonbury attracts the most successful artists from around the world every year, and is famed for its promotion of alternative culture. Muse, Adele and Coldplay are the musical heavyweights occupying the top spots of this year’s festival. The festival also adopts a rather relaxed attitude when it comes to what the fans can do when compared to other festivals. For instance, you can take you alcohol anywhere you want. And most festivals have strictly do not allow alcohol into areas where the music is. There are now around 2.6 million e-cig users in the UK as smokers continue to kick the habit in record numbers. Now considered the most effective and popular method of quitting, e-cigs continue to surge worldwide, despite impending harsh regulation from the EU, resulting in many changes for vapers. You don’t have to be a genius to work out that there will be a lot of vapers and smokers at Glastonbury this year. The festival website says there’s no smoking allowed in enclosed spaces. But what about vaping? Here is your complete guide to taking e-cigs to Glastonbury. Vapers can use their e-cigs freely at Glastonbury. As long as you’re not in an enclosed space, such as a tent, you should be fine to vape. If you can’t use your e-cig in a certain area for whatever reason, you’ll probably be notified. One of Glastonbury’s strictest rules is its intolerance of glass bottles. No matter what is in the bottle, you cannot bring it. Thus, your e-liquid will have to be in a plastic bottle. We were told there is not a limit on the amount of e-liquid or batteries you can take, so feel free to take as many replacement batteries and e-liquids to try out as you like. We were also informed that e-cigs, e-liquids and batteries are admissible on the basis that they are for personal use only. You should not attempt to sell or distribute your vaping products at Glastonbury. If you’re an e-cig manufacturer hoping to make a name for yourselves at the festival, you should contact the festival directly. Now we’ve gotten the rules out of the way with, it’s now time to discuss which vaping products you should take with you to Glastonbury. Although you want to experience the highest standard of vaping as you enjoy great music, food and booze, it’s important to take something practical and portable with you. You’re going to be on your feet all day, you don’t have all the space in the world and you’re nowhere near an e-cig store. Well, at least the latter is unlikely. You need a reliable e-cig, a few good batteries that aren’t going to die on you, and some top class e-liquids that are perfectly fit for the sun and the music. The e-liquid selection is an interesting choice for vapers at a music festival. You’re going to have a great selection of food and drinks available to you, so you want to choose flavours that compliment that. Whether you prefer fruity or dessert flavoured vaping, there are e-liquid flavours available to fulfil your needs. Glastonbury is soon upon so we’re wishing you your dream summer festival and happy vaping!
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