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Vaping Saves You Money.

Vaping Saves You Money

The real cost of traditional cigarette smoking is not just the hefty price you pay for the pack of cigarettes. Insurance premiums can be higher, health costs can rise, and you can incur cleaning costs just to rid your home, car, clothes and furniture of the smell of cigarette smoke. Smoking one pack of cigarettes every day for a year costs over £3,000 (£9.40 per pack of 20 Marlboro cigarettes, Sainsbury’s 2016). What could you do with an extra £3,000 every year? For some, the cost of cigarettes isn’t a problem, they will pay the high costs to keep smoking. What if you could continue to smoke yet save money? Cigara offer smokers a revolutionary less expensive and alternative method of smoking, allowing you to keep more cash in your pockets. We have a vast range of kits available, particularly for people who are new to vaping. Unlike cigarettes, you can purchase Cigara kits online and subsequently order your liquids online as and when you need more. Once you have bought an electronic cigarette, you can refill it or buy replacement cartridges online. Some homeowner insurance policies may give you a discount on your premiums if you don't have any smokers in your house. And life insurance policies put you at a higher risk with higher premiums if you're a smoker. If you switch to e-cigarettes, you're no longer a "smoker." You're a "vaper" because you're using a personal vaporiser, not a cigarette. However, there have been reports than insurance companies are “fleecing” vapers by classifying e-cigs as tobacco products. If you're planning on selling your car, your house or any of your household clothing or furniture, you're probably going to have to have these items professionally cleaned to get the stale smoke odour and yellow colouring out of them first. The carpets in your house and the interior of your vehicle may also have a stale smoky odour to them too. If you're looking at trading in your vehicle or selling it, you should get a higher price if the buyer or dealer doesn't have to clean out the car before reselling it. If you switch to electronic cigarettes, you don't need to quit "smoking" to save money. Once you make the switch, you can still enjoy the smoking sensation without all of the added expenses.
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