Vermont Vapers could soon be treated like smokers after it was revealed that a bill is moving through the Senate to ban e-cigarettes from some public places. Health officials who oppose e-cigarettes provided testimony to the Health and Welfare committee aiming for tighter restrictions on nicotine delivery systems. Despite irrefutable evidence that e-cigarettes are safer than regular tobacco and are helping thousands quit smoking, some officials are supporting the bill as they believe vaping is a gateway to cigarettes. The number of Vermont vapers in high school has tripled in the last year. Dr. Harry Chen, Vermont Health Commissioner, believes there are more high school students vaping than smoking. “If you ask kids using electronic cigarettes whether they intend to use to use regular cigarettes, they are twice as likely to do so," claimed Dr. Harry Chen, Vermont Health Commissioner, despite providing no evidence. E-cig shop owner Gaetano Putignano lept to the defence of e-cigarettes, detailing their effectiveness. "I have thousands of signatures of Vermonters who stopped smoking using these products who have also now stopped vaping. The nicotine is the least addictive matter when you smoke tobacco cigarettes." This topic is a much debated one in the US; California do now regulate e-cigarettes, but Connecticut opted against banning vaping from further public places. There is an urgency to pass the bill as the devices have thus far gone unregulated.

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