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What are disposable vape kits?

by Lexi Burgess

What are disposable Vape Kits?

Disposable vape kits are yet another by-product of the vape industry’s sprint towards ultra-streamlined devices, fewer buttons, and more portable pens. Having gained traction in Canada and America, these kits entered the UK market during a time when many customers wanted an alternative to the chunky, eye-catching mods that became mainstream as a result of new technological advances.

Whilst box mods, starter kits, and pod device loom large in the world of vaping, disposable kits have carved out their own niche. Many people in the UK consider these kits to be part of their vape essential checklist.

Disposable vape kits are happy to take a back seat to your favourite device. They function as an emergency back up in case your day-to-day vape stops working or loses charge. You can never be too careful with vape pens. Although we only stock devices from industry-leading brands, each pen has its own shelf life. Simply keep a disposable pen in your pocket and go about your day with confidence.

Our small range of disposable kits has been tailor-made with our customers in mind. We stock Dinner Lady and Nasty Juice disposables because both of these brands can be relied on for high-quality materials at an affordable price. With flavours ranging from Watermelon Ice to the fan-favourite Lemon Tart, there’s something for everyone in our catalogue of disposable pens. 

Vape Dinner Lady Disposables

The Vape Dinner Lady brand that many customers love today came from humble beginnings. In 2016, two entrepreneurs began VDL with the dream of helping people in the UK stop smoking by making nostalgia inducing classic dessert flavoured e liquids. This brand manufactures all of their products in the UK and ships them to 96 countries worldwide. Their e liquids and devices have won more than 41 international awards.

Lemon Tart was VDL’s very first flavour, and it has proven to be a smash hit. Fans love this combination of zesty lemon paired with a buttery pie crust, so much so that they voted it flavour of the year for four years in a row in the ecigclick awards.
Lemon Tart is now available in 50:50, shortfill, and nic salt form. You will find nic salts in Dinner Lady’s disposable kit range, which was first launched in 2019. Despite the disposable market in the UK being relatively small compared to its overseas competitors, Dinner Lady once again paved the way by being one of the first brands to create disposable vape pens for sale in the UK.

We stock six Dinner Lady flavours in total, all of which have stood the test of time. These nic salts come pre-loaded in each disposable vape kit. Explore our catalogue to discover the refreshing taste of Blue Menthol, the traditional tilt of Smooth Tobacco, and the memory inducing sensation of Lemon Tart.

Nasty Fix Disposables

Nasty Fix is the newest range from Nasty Juice. This brand rose to recognition in the vape industry when it began creating exotic e liquids that deliver intense flavour sensations time after time. Although the company itself began in 2015, like Vape Dinner Lady, they started selling to the UK market in 2016.

Since then, there has been no stopping Nasty Juice. They have won 18 awards, and in 2018 they were voted the ‘Industry Leader and Best Branding and Marketing’ brand in the UK. It’s no wonder that this innovative brand has seen the next new trend in the market and has subsequently curated their own range of disposable vape kits.

We stock eight Nasty Fix kits in total. With every flavour from the much-loved Nasty Juice Cushman, the crisp and fresh Double Apple, and the sweet and delicious Blackcurrant Cotton Candy pre-loaded into each pen, there’s a disposable vape kit for everyone in our range.

Who are disposable vape kits for?

Disposable kits are designed for everyone in the vape community. Beginner and advanced vapers alike consider disposables to be an essential part of their vape experience. Each kit comes complete with everything that you need to experience intense throat hits on-the-go.

A main benefit of disposable vape kits is that they are a low investment option for beginners who want to dip their toe into the vaping world. The cravat to this is that our kits contain 20mgs of nicotine strength, which is most suitable for people who are accustomed to smoking ten or more cigarettes a day.

We also recommend these products for people who are always on-the-go. Disposable vape pens function as the perfect emergency device because of their slimline designs and easy-to-use features. Many vapers keep a disposable kit with them at all times in case they run into problems with their day-to-day kit.

How do disposable vape pens work?

It’s never been easier to achieve a satisfying vape experience on-the-go with disposable vape pens. They are perfect for beginners and advanced users alike who do not want to deal with the hassle of chargers, buttons, and modifications. These disposables might seem odd to more experienced vapers at first, because there is no need for traditional vaping tanks and atomisers. Each disposable comes prefilled with a nic salt flavour of your choice.

You’ll get the hang of our Dinner Lady and Nasty Fix disposables in no time. Simply take your disposable vape pen out of the box, charge it, and draw on the device to begin vaping.  

Do disposable vape pens have nicotine?

If you’re looking for disposable kits without nicotine, you’re out of luck. These kits are designed to provide a quick, efficient hit for our customers who want to vape whilst they go about their busy day. Each pen comes pre-filled with nic salts, which are absorbed quicker than standard e liquid into the bloodstream. Nic salts also have the added benefit of containing benzoic acid, which creates a smoother vape sensation. This means that you can get the nicotine hit you want without the harsh throat it.

Before purchasing a kit from our range of disposable vape pens, it is important to consider how much nicotine is suitable for you. Each disposable in our range contains 20mgs of nicotine. For reference, this translates into roughly ten cigarettes a day for people who used to smoke. If you used to smoke less cigarettes before you transitioned to vaping, then using our disposables can cause nausea and sickness.

Can you clean a disposable vape coil?

The nature of disposable vape pens means that you do not need to replace any of the parts. Customers love these products because there is no assembly required. This means that you cannot disassemble them, and therefore it is impossible to clean the vape coil in these disposable vape kits.

A disposable kits greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. Whereas some vapers love the fact that they can throw away a disposable pen once finished, others feel that they are putting a dent in their pocket. The relatively small cost of the vape pens in our collection counterbalances the peace of mind our customers feel when they know that they have a high-quality emergency device that they can rely on.  

How long does a disposable vape pen last?

Because disposables are designed to replace your day-to-day vape pen when it unexpectedly breaks or loses charge, they do not last for a great deal of time. Each vape pen in our collection comes complete with 1.2mls of nicotine salt already loaded into it. This amount of liquid lasts for approximately 300 puffs, although this figure depends entirely on your personal vaping style.  

Disposable vape pen UK products at myCigara

Here at myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke free. Disposable vape kits are a crucial part of any beginner or advanced vaper’s journey. Although the addition of these disposables means that you will incur a small extra cost alongside buying and maintaining your day-to-day kit, they provide a handy back up that means that you’ll never be without your vape hit.

We’re proud to be on the cusp of a new wave of disposable pens in the UK. Dinner Lady and Nasty Juice have led the way in creating a market for these reliable, slimline, and efficient pens. Our range of nic salt flavours from these reputable brands are sure to get tongues wagging. Browse today and discover your new back up device.

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