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What are Pod Cartridges?

by Daisy Brown

What are Pod Cartridges?

Here at myCigara, we have been helping our customers move towards a smoke-free life for nine years; with our honest advice and never-ending range of world-class devices, we have never been in a better place to support our customers. So, why is this question so difficult to answer?

Vaping terminology is constantly changing and as a result, the term ‘pod cartridge’ has become inaccurate. Unbeknownst to many, pods and cartridges are two very different vape components, meaning the title of this blog is technically incorrect.

The terms are used interchangeably, confusing customers and vaping producers alike, but once you have read this blog, you will know all about the two different kinds of pod, exactly what cartridges are and a little more about the fantastic products we sell.

  • ‘Pods’ is used as an umbrella term to describe both cartridges and the two different types of pod.
  • ‘Refills’ is a term to describe all pods, as you have to insert your own e Liquid.
  • ‘Cartridges’ is again, another umbrella term used to describe the exterior of the two pods
  • ‘Pod systems’ are the devices that pods are inserted into and there are many different types.
  • ‘Pods’ is an abbreviation of ‘prefilled pods’, referring to this specific type of pod.
  • ‘Refills’ are pods that are designed to be refilled multiple times, then replaced.They are different to prefilled pods, which come with e Liquid loaded inside.
  • ‘Cartridges’ are the empty shells in which a pod, whether prefilled or refillable replacement, is developed.
  • ‘Pod systems’ are the devices that pods are inserted into, however, whilst multiple brands may design them and features may differ slightly, they are defined by the kind of pod inserted into them.

Prefilled Pods

As clarified, the abbreviation ‘pod’ refers only to ‘prefilled pods’; whilst they look like the end of a USB stick, these pocket-sized components come equipped with your e Liquid, nicotine strength, coil and wicking material.

Pods work exceptionally well when paired with a pod system kit; the latter look more like your usual vape kit, commonly resembling a vape pen or taking on a badge shape, perfect for handheld vaping.

Once you have inserted your pod into the kit, it can be called a closed pod system. This is a term engineered by the vaping industry to cut through the confusion as it allows one to differentiate between the two different types of pod. However, it is easy to remember when you consider that the pod itself is enclosed. It contains everything a customer needs to vape straight away—no vape juice or adjusting small parts—hence ‘closed’. Many pod systems are inhale-activated, so you can start vaping straight away.

A pod’s lifespan depends very much on the brand of pod purchased and the vaping habits of the customer, however on average, one pod will provide you with 200-350 puffs of pure bliss. That means a pod roughly lasts around two days, but as they normally come in packs of four, one pack will set you up for a week of pod system vaping.

Once a prefilled pod is empty, it is important that you dispose of it correctly; you may be wondering ‘are pods recyclable?’ and whilst some are, others are not, so it is crucial that you check the packaging of your pod so you can dispose of it responsibly.

Pods are popular with newer customers and veteran vapers alike, but whilst anyone can use them, those who have recently quit smoking may find that they are a smooth transition to vaping. Not only are they sealed, meaning you do not have to worry about excessive assemblage, but they often contain Plus Ohm coils, which emphasises flavour over vapour. This allows new vapers to get used to their kit without worrying about cloud chasing or making a mess.

They may prove a refreshing change for Sub Ohm vapers who want to rediscover exciting flavours and might even suit more experienced vapers with busy lifestyles. As you do not have to clean any coils or particularly maintain the pod itself, this sturdy and secure all day vape option would really suit those frequently out and about.

We sell a fantastic range of pods to suit every customer which you can explore at your leisure here, however, the two that dominate worldwide sales are Vype and JUUL. Like myCigara, these innovative companies put their customers first, designing and producing sleek designs and delicious flavours. We have covered a more direct comparison of the two brands here, however, this blog does answer common questions that customers have about these vaping giants..

Juul Pods

JUUL was founded by Stanford University graduates in America in 2015, promising a healthier alternative to smoking. We stock their most exciting prefilled pods with delectable flavours ranging from Alpine Berry to Mango Nectar and at 18mg, they are sure to satisfy any cravings you have.

‘What are JUUL Pods made of?’

The ingredients of the juice itself include natural oils, benzoic acid, propylene glycol (PG), glycerol, nicotine and extracts/flavourings.

The pods are made from food-grade, heat resistant plastics which are non-recyclable and must be disposed of at a special waste collection point; this is because they may still contain traces of e Liquid that may cause damage when mixed with other products. You can find your nearest collection point here.

‘How much ml in a JUUL Pod?’

JUUL pods have a capacity of 0.7ml, which is slightly less than the capacities of its competitors. This is because JUUL liquids have a nicotine strength of 18mg, spurred on by from occurring nicotine salts in the leaves they use, so they have reduced the measurement to balance out the strong nicotine buzz to prevent nicotine poisoning, instead ensuring that customers feel invigorated.

‘Can I Refill JUUL Pods?’

As they are prefilled pods, they are designed to be disposed of once they have been used. Under no circumstances should you attempt to refill one; this could not only be detrimental to your health but may also damage your pod kit.

‘How to Know When JUUL Pod is Empty’:

It is often easy to notice that your pod may soon need replacing: you might notice a sudden loss of flavour or less vapour production and may have an increased number of dry hits. As JUUL pods come in packs of four, they are great value for money, as you can easily replace your pod (after disposing of the old one safely, of course).

‘Are JUUL Pods Vegan?’

JUUL pods contain no products or by-products that can be linked to animals, so on the surface, it would appear that they are vegan. However, as there is no explicit response from JUUL to state that this is the case, the answer to this question can be considered as a personal judgement call.

Vype ePods

Owned by British American Tobacco, Vype have been delighting customers with their ePods since 2013, offering a simple and attractive way to transition from smoking to vaping. Their 12mg two pod packs are a bestseller product at myCigara; whether you choose Vanilla Medley, Chilled Mint or any of their other delicious juices, we know that you will be satisfied.

‘Are Vype Pods refillable?’

Like JUUL, Vype ePods are prefilled, meaning that should not be refilled after use. They should be safely discarded and replaced with their ePods.

‘How long do Vype Pods last?’

As Vype ePods have a 2ml capacity, we can estimate that they will last longer than their competitors, but again, this depends on individual vaping preference. On average, a Vype pod will give you 350 puffs, which could last anywhere between 2-3 days. As there are two pods in a pack, a pack could last just shy of a week, if used by an average vaper.

‘How much are Vype Pods?’

Onepack of Vype ePods costs £6, however, here at myCigara, we want to make pods accessible to all vapers; we frequently have reductions and offers, including ‘4 for £19.99’, for these incredibly popular products.

‘Is Vype ePod Safe?’

Vape products and devices are as safe as you make them; whilst many have built-in features designed to protect you and others, you have to ensure that you use them safely and correctly. The ePod is safe when used in a Vype device and products are disposed of responsibly.

Refillable Replacement Pods

Commonly referred to as ‘refills’, these components are incredibly similar to pods; they come equipped with coils and wicking material—all they need is your choice of e Liquid and nicotine strength. However, instead of being made by juice producers, they are often made by companies more experienced in vaping devices and technologies like SMOK and Innokin.

Like pods, refills work best with pod system kits and when they are inserted, the kit is referred to as an open pod system. This is because the refills are ‘open’ in the sense that they can be refilled and reinserted numerous times before requiring replacement.

The lifespan of a refill is again dependent on brand and individuals, but one refill lasts approximately 3-5 days, providing the average vaper with 1080 mouth-watering puffs before needing to be refilled again. It can take 3-4 refills before the whole component needs to be disposed of and replaced, meaning that if you feel confident with vape devices and loading up e Liquid, this is brilliantly economical choice.

When you have finished a replacement refillable pod, it is important that you check the packaging to see if it can be recycled; some can whilst other cannot, so however you dispose of your pod, ensure that you do it appropriately. Refills are a favourite of more experienced customers because they offer vapers the chance to truly customise their experience without the worry of maintenance. They may contain Plus Ohm or Sub Ohm coils dependent on their brand, meaning you can experiment with both flavour and vapour. Additionally, you can fill them with whatever vape juice you like, as long as the composition complements the installed coils. You can not only be very adventurous with your juices but monitor your nicotine consumption; many vapers are keen to lower their intake and refills are a great way of viewing your progress.

We sell a tremendous variety of refills to suit any vaper—check out our handpicked list here—the reliable brands we offer include up-and-coming Quawins and industry leader Geekvape.

What is a Vape Cartridge?

As we have seen, it is easy to mistakenly refer to pods or refills as cartridges, but the cartridge itself simply refers to the man-made shell, which is usually made from either plastic or glass, designed to hold contents. They can come filled or empty and they look like little gas cannisters, no bigger than your hand; whilst pods and refills come with coils and wicking material, cartridges do not, meaning they must be screwed onto their corresponding device before you can vape them.

It is crucial to note that many vape cartridges are disposable as they cannot withstand repetitive use; like pods and refills, they must be disposed of in the appropriate manner and this is often indicated on the packaging. Whilst this means they have a relatively short lifespan (around one day for an average vaper) they often come in packs of four, proving superb value for money.

Cartridges are often popular with veteran vapers because cartridges have to be attached to their respective devices as they may not be compatible with other kits. This requires more research and assemblage than pod system kits would incur, a challenge that more experienced vapers relish. They are becoming increasingly popular for vaping CBDOil—whilst we stock this instore, we currently do not accommodate this online. The only vape cartridges we sell both online and instore are by progressive designer Ten Motives; with each prefilled cartridge containing the equivalent of 25 cigarettes, this fabulous brand offer a selection of inviting flavours from familiar tobacco to beguiling blueberry which are sure to delight your tastebuds.

Pods, Refills and Cartridges at myCigara

Now you know the difference between your pods, refills and vape cartridges, you can purchase safely and with purpose. You may like explore the realms of prefilled pods, starting withVype’s energising Strawberry Smash or JUUL’s marvellous Apple Orchard.You might brave those uncharted waters with Lost Vape’s or Vaporesso’s easy-to-use refills. Perhaps you want to explore the worldof the reliable Ten Motives cartridges, starting with a menthol-tinged delight.

Whether you choose pods, refills or cartridges, we know that our products will deliver exceptional flavour and vapour—your favourite new vape component is only a click away!

If this blog has not answered all of your questions or if you would like to know more about the products we mentioned, feel free to message us; we are more than happy to answer them for you.

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