The juice market has been blitzed with a huge amount of e-liquid, so much it would be hard to try it all in a lifetime! One specific line of liquid our Cigara team is particularly impressed with is Schwartz. Schwartz are based in Long Beach, California and they have produced a mind-blowing, tastebud-tickling, cool, fresh yoghurt based line of liquid. The Upside: Remember frubes? Your favourite tubed strawberry yoghurt as a child? This juice brings you right back to your youth. As you inhale, you taste the cool yoghurt wetting your pallet preparing yourself for the fresh strawberry when you exhale. We really can't get enough of this frube-like juice. The Downside: The irony in this name is enough to make you try it, why? Because there is no downside. If you're looking for a tarty, all day vape, look no further. This biting flavour is a perfect contrast to the upside, a smooth Greek yoghurt topped with fresh blueberries leaves your tank craving seconds. Ludicrous Speed: Imagine yourself on a Greek island with the sun beaming, a bowl of Greek yoghurt and honey in hand complemented by an ice cold coke. This honey yoghurt takes you to hot, beautiful place. Needing some TLC to get you through these cold winter days, this warm honey yoghurt will help you get cosy in front of the Christmas fire. Comb the dessert: Have you ever had that 10pm craving when you want to do a Ben and Jerry's run for their delicious Peanut Butter Cup ice-cream, but you're too warm and cosy to move? Well there's no need to move now. Comb the dessert is velvet peanut butter iced yoghurt that prickles the hairs on your arms. At a blend of 60 VG/40 PG, this line is perfect for dripping and to put in your tank. What do the Cigara team think? Put it in your tank, whack it up to 40 Watts, and prepare for a vaping sensation.

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