Sutton United take on Arsenal this evening (February 20th) in the 5th round of the FA Cup with a chance to cause what would surly be the biggest shock in the history of the competition. After overcoming Leeds in the previous round with a stunning 3-1 win, they earned their clash against the North London giants. The game offers a number of interesting paradoxes and contrasts. Arsenal playing in a tiny stadium with prosaic facilities, competing on an artificial pitch, and seeing Sutton’s players, who only train twice a week, take on some of the world’s best. However, there may be no bigger paradox that witnessing Sutton United manager Paul Doswell vape next to Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger. Vaping helps thousands of people quit smoking every year, and it seems even football managers aren’t an exception. Doswell’s son, Connor, posted on twitter: “I still don't think it's sunk in that my old man will be vapeing on the side line next to Arsene Wenger tonight. #U's #SUFC”. It remains to be seen whether Doswell will vape on the side lines next to Wenger, but it certainly will be an interesting sight.

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