Best E Liquids For Christmas 2020

by Theo Wilson

Best E Liquids For Christmas 2020

Christmas has come early this year at myCigara. We have added several festive, fun, and flavourful e liquids to our stockpile so that you can enjoy a pinch of Christmas all day, every day. Whether you are looking for vape Christmas gifts or searching for the perfect e liquid to add to your collection, there is something for everyone in our online vape shop in the lead up to Christmas.

Now more than ever, our customers deserve to treat themselves, and we are only too happy to help. The advent of Christmas is as good a reason as any to discover your new favourite vape product.

Our selection of shortfill vape liquids will enhance your Christmas experience because they not only contain sweet treats and warm sensations, but they also offer a world of customisable options.

We are big on flavour. Our team of advanced vapers have compiled a list of five flavour profiles that are too good to ignore for Christmas 2020. Flavour profiles break down the innermost workings of an e liquid and tell you everything you need to know about the composition and the taste sensations inside each bottle.

Do not let the strange state of the world dampen your festive spirit. When it is snowing outside, and everyone is rushing around panic buying presents, nothing is more comforting than the classic taste of Christmas wrapped up in a handy shortfill bottle. All it takes to get into the Christmas spirit is one drag from any of the e liquids on this list.

Cinnamon Bun by PUD

Cinnamon Bun by PUD

PUD by Joe’s Juice exemplifies everything we love about Christmas vape juice flavours. This range transports the taste of signature British sweet treats into handy gorilla style shortfill bottles. Cinnamon Bun made it into our top five best e liquids list because the sweet and subtly spicy taste of cinnamon is in high demand at Christmas. Inhale, and experience rich, flaky pastry, followed by icing and bursts of cinnamon goodness on the exhale. This vape liquid is filled with warm tones that remind us of Christmas Eve spent by the fireplace.

Each product in the PUD range contains 70% VG, which promotes intense flavour sensations and a smooth vape hit. Sub ohm vapers often favour products that are high in vegetable glycerin because a harsh vape hit would impede them from taking long drags and producing the dense vapour they desire.  We stock 50ml and 100ml versions of Cinnamon Bun, meaning you can stock up if you are worried about the annual postal service meltdown over Christmas. Simply add in a nic shot of your choice, shake well, and begin vaping to experience this festive delight.

Key features:

● Choose between 50ml or 100ml bottles
● Shortfill e liquid with 0mgs nicotine strength
● Comes with a 70VG/30PG composition
● Made in the UK 

Vape Breakfast Classics Pancake Man

We recommend Vape Breakfast Classics for anyone that wants to add a hint of sweetness to their day-to-day routine. Each vape juice in this range combines fun flavours with high-quality ingredients. As the name suggests, VBC delivers a sweet and satisfying breakfast all day long. Their odd-ball, experimental collection of e liquids is slim because they take all the time they need to perfect each mixture.  A list about indulgent Christmas vapes would be incomplete without mentioning Pancake Man by Vape Breakfast Classics.

This e liquid was built on the idea that anytime is the perfect time for breakfast. Each inhale brings with it a fluffy pancake base, followed by the refreshing taste of summer strawberries, rich whipped cream, and a generous drizzle of maple syrup. Complete this vape liquid by adding in a nic shot of your choice and shaking the mixture well before vaping.

Pancake Man will bring out your inner child this Christmas. It contains an 80VG/20PG composition and is one of the highest VG products on the market. Vegetable glycerin promotes a smooth vape hit, which is why sub ohm vapers flock to it. They can take long drags without compromising on the quality of their flavour or vapour experience.

Key features:

● 80VG 20PG composition
● Ideal for sub ohm vapers
● Delightfully sweet
● 100mls of vape juice

Christmas Pudding By Freak Shakes

When Vapor Freaks created Freak Shakes, they carved out a niche in the market for fun flavours in a milkshake blend. As the name suggests, this vape liquid brand sets out to shock and delight their fan base by taking traditional flavours and turning them into a satisfying milkshake mash-up. Christmas Pudding by Freak Shakes is the ultimate Christmas vape. This e liquid is absolutely jam-packed full of flavour. It layers together roasted nuts, moist cake, and succulent spices with a rich, complex rum base to create a classic Christmas pudding in a milkshake form.

If you want to keep the spirit of Christmas alive, look no further than Christmas Pudding. This is the perfect vape juice for people who appreciate all the festive bells and whistles during December and beyond. Here at myCigara, we know that Christmas should be full of personalised treats that satisfy your taste buds. Christmas Pudding ticks all of the boxes. This 100ml 0mg nicotine strength shortfill leaves just enough space for a nic shot of your choice. Customising your vape experience is as easy as adding in your nic shot and shaking well before vaping.

Key features:

• Contains a 70VG/30PG composition
• A classic Christmas treat reimagined as a milkshake
• Perfect for sub ohm vapers
• Add in a nic shot of your choice 

Lemon Tart by Vape Dinner Lady

Vape Dinner Lady holds an iconic spot in the vape community as one of the best dessert e liquid brands. By serving up classic flavours from childhood, Vape Dinner Lady has dominated the market when it comes to flavour explosions such as Blackberry Crumble and Berry Tart. This list would be incomplete without mentioning VDL because Christmas calls for a warm buttery pastry filled with sweet sensations.

Lemon Tart reigns supreme as a signature e liquid dessert flavour. In 2018, it won the coveted ‘Best Dessert Flavour’ award at the Vape Jam expo and solidified its place as a vape liquid classic. On the inhale, a delicious blend of warm pastry and buttery meringue dance across the palate, closely followed by a zesty lemon exhale.

This iconic flavour proves that delicious desserts do not have to be stodgy. The combination of the meringue and the citrusy lemon creates a light taste that shocks and delights. Add a pep to your step today with this refreshing e liquid.

Key features:

• Award-winning e liquid
• Flavour available in nic shot and disposable form
• Contains 70% vegetable glycerin
• Space for your own nic shot

My Bakery Strawberry Cheesecake Shake & Vape

This decadent dessert flavour is at the top of our wish list for Christmas 2020. If you are looking for a Christmas vape juice that is packed full of delicious taste sensations, look no further than My Bakery. This brand gained prominence as a vape industry leader when they transported the taste of classic British desserts into shortfill bottles bursting with premium ingredients.

This shake and vape bottle contains 25mls of e liquid goodness, making it the smallest product on our list. Strawberry Cheesecake adds a hint of luxury to your day-to-day routine. A shortbread biscuit base is followed by a decadent cream cheese topping and drizzled with a rich strawberry compote. The sweetness of this iconic dessert is tempered by the crumbly, warm biscuit base.

Key features:

• Features 70% VG
• Contains 0mgs nicotine strength
• Add in your own nic shot
• Scrumptious strawberry cheesecake 

Best Christmas E-Liquids at myCigara

Here at myCigara, we have taken ‘the more the merrier’ to heart. We love the festive period because it is full of well wishes and new vape liquid discoveries. What is more, the advent of our Christmas vape deals means that you can treat yourself, or a sub ohm enthusiast friend, to the e liquid of their dreams.

Great presents come in small packages. Nothing says holiday cheer like giving your friend a product that can wrap them in the warm embrace of festive flavours throughout the day. On the lead up to Christmas, our online vape shop will be packed full of e liquid deals. Let someone know that you are thinking about them with a collection of their favourite dessert sensations.