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Dinner Lady 50/50 Range E-Liquid Blog

Dinner Lady 50/50: Classic E-Liquids Reimagined at myCigara

Cigara were proudly one of the first stockists of the world famous Vape Dinner Lady e-liquids, and despite their incredible quality and acclaim, few could have predicted how popular they have become. Although Vape Dinner Lady began by creating e-liquids inspired by classic British desserts, they’ve gone on to create aromas for all vapers, and their new 50/50 series is just the latest range for VDL fans to get excited about.

Reinventing their own classic flavours as well as introducing a few new gems, Dinner Lady 50/50 includes a collection of dessert flavours, a tobacco range and a fruity range. With a 50VG|50PG e-liquid composition, the Dinner Lady 50/50 range provides balanced vape juices, ideal for those that love fluffy clouds and flavour as well as a considerable nicotine hit and perfect for all seasons. For a guide to e-liquid composition, visit myCigara Community for everything you need to know about e-liquid, VG, PG, nicotine and flavouring.

Dinner Lady 50/50 E-Liquid at myCigara

Our collection from the Dinner Lady 50/50 includes no fewer than 17 e-liquids, perfect for any adventurous or flavour-loving vaper that wants to experience something new. Here are some of the fantastic e-liquids available from the Dinner Lady 50/50 range at myCigara. You can browse our full range of Dinner Lady 50/50 range at myCigara

Dinner Lady 50/50 Lemon Tart

Perhaps the most renowned original e-liquid by Vape Dinner Lady, the 50/50 Lemon Tart is no less sensational than the original! A classic blend of freshly sliced apples with a sweet meringue on a tart base, Dinner Lady 50/50 Lemon Tart is unmissable for any lemon-loving dessert fanatic.

Dinner Lady 50/50 Apple Pie

One of the most famous British desserts, and VDL’s 50/50 version more than does it justice. Oozing with sweet apples and a delicious crust, Dinner Lady 50/50 Apple Pie has proven a hit with vapers.

Dinner Lady 50/50 Strawberry Custard

Strawberry Custard is a nostalgic flavour, and one of VDL’s most popular aromas. This creamy custard flavour is packed with strawberry freshness to keep you coming back for more.

Dinner Lady 50/50 Lychee Lemonade

We’re currently amid souring temperatures, and vapers that are out and about will certainly appreciate a refreshing, balanced e-liquid. That’s where Lychee Lemonade comes in, a refreshing lemonade with a strong hint of sliced lychee.

Dinner Lady 50/50 Blackcurrant Orange

Another e-juice gem for the summer. Like a resplendent summer cocktail, Blackcurrant Orange provides premium vaping refreshment, blending oranges and blackcurrants with crushed ice.

Dinner Lady 50/50 Mango Ice

An unmissable item for the heat, Dinner Lady 50/50 Mango Ice is a satisfying mix of freshly ripened mangoes with a cool, icy blast. Refreshing and delicious.

Dinner Lady 50/50 Straight Tobacco

Ideal for new vapers looking to quit their smoking habits, Straight Tobacco provides the pure tobacco flavour with the hit to replicate the sensation of smoking.

Dinner Lady 50/50 Mint Tobacco

Perfect for former menthol cigarette smokers, Mint Tobacco is a stunning blend of menthol and tobacco, providing the satisfaction and flavour needed for ex-smokers to quit their habit.

Dinner Lady 50/50 Caramel Tobacco

Mixing classic, satisfying tobacco with soft melted caramel, Caramel Tobacco is a unique spin for vapers that prefer tobacco flavours, with just a hint of sugary sweetness from the caramel.
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