Puff Bar Review 2021

by Theo Wilson
Beco Puff Bar Disposables Reviewed

Beco Puff Bar Disposables Reviewed

The Beco Bar is one of the first disposable vape brands to gain serious popularity. It was borne out of an american brand, Puff Bar, which proved so popular that the term ‘puff bar’ itself became a catch-all for disposable vapes more generally.

As the original was an American-only product, regulated fora foreign market and thus unavailable in the UK, an alternative was created: the Beco Bar. The Beco Puff Bar can pride itself on straightforward simplicity, and one of the most discreet designs on the entire UK and EU vape markets. One of the most accessible e-cigarette options, in terms of both price and discretion, it’s one of the best choices for those seeking a vape starter kit to assist them with their quit smoking journey.

Our puff bar product review blog will guide you through the key aspects of this Beco Puff Bar vape, giving you a straightforward run down of what this device does to help you ascertain whether it’s the right choice for you to help you quit smoking.

Beco Puff Bar Features

Beco Puff Bar Features

The Beco Bar, like all disposable vape devices, comes completely ready to use. It’s already filled with e-liquid, and its internal battery is pre-charged, so there’s no need for any initial setup.

Additionally, it features button-free operation; putting the mouthpiece to your lipsand inhaling will activate the device, and it will automatically switch off after a short period of inactivity.

● Draw-activated
● ~300 puffs
● 1.3ml of nic salts
● 20mg nicotine strength
● 280mAh internal battery

The Beco Puff Bar holds 1.3ml of vape juice, and is powered by a 280mAh internal battery, which combines to give you approximately 300 puffs per device —roughly equivalent to 15 cigarettes.

Now that you know what’s inside, let’s examine the outside of the Puff Bar.

Beco Puff Bar Ergonomics & Design

As the name suggests, the Puff Barhas a flat, bar-shaped design, as opposed to the more cylindrical design of other disposable e-cigarette ranges.

● Uniform, unibody build
● Mouthpiece at one end
● Activation LED at other end
● Dimensions: 97 x 15 x 6mm

Where the Beco Bar really stands out in comparison to other disposables is its extra-petite frame; measuring just 6mm thick (which is about 4 debit card’s worth of thickness), it is absolutely one of the most discreet and pocket-friendly e-cigarette options.

Sure, some users may prefer a bulkier device, or a rounder design, but if you desire discretion, you can’t do much better than this.

Next up, one of the key factors for any disposable vape: the flavours.

Beco Puff Bar Ergonomics & Design
Beco Puff Bar Flavours

Beco Puff Bar Flavours

Looking at the flavours available in the Beco Puff Barrange, the first thing that comes to mind is “quality, not quantity.” Beco Bar has a slightly smaller collection than other brands, but they’ve focussed on getting their few flavours done very well.

This has paid off, as our customers report that Beco Bar has some of the cleanest flavour profiles on the market; less sweet and more clearly defined, you get a flavour that really tastes as described. Beco Bar flavours fall into four broad categories:

● Summer fruits
● Soft drinks
● Mint
● Traditional tobacco

The flavour profiles available from Beco Barare the usual blends of fruit and mint, as well as a couple of unique profiles, such as the cooling refreshment of Spearmint and the classic satisfaction of Menthol Tobacco.

For a more in-depth look at some of their best flavours, check out our Puff Bar Top 5 blog.

Beco Puff Bar Verdict

The Beco Bar is one of the smallest and most affordable disposable vape devices on the market.

Obviously, it’s not going to stand up to some of the heavy hitters, but nor does it need to. What sets the Puff Bar apart from the competition is just how ideal it is as a vape starter kit for total beginners.

While the Beco Puff Bar has a smaller capacity than many of its competitors, this may actually work in its favour; fewer puffs per device means less of a commitment, and more scope for testing out flavours to find what works for you.

Thus, our overall verdict is: if you’re looking to quit smoking, and you want a simple disposable vape that can help you test the waters and facilitate an easy transition, the Puff Bar from Beco Bar is a clear winner.

Sleek, discreet, and affordable, this e-cigarette is an excellent first step on your journey toward smoke-freedom.

Beco Puff Bar Verdict

Beco Puff Bar at myCigara

myCigara At myCigara, we exist to make the UK smoke-free. We believe that offering vaping as a viable alternative brings us that much closer to our goal. More affordable and user-friendly than standard vape kits, a disposable vape is a particularly good option for new users looking to quit smoking.

Still not sure whether a Beco Puff Bar is the right fit for you? Why not see how it stacks up against the bestselling disposable vape in our Puff Bar vs Geek Bar blog. Our bigger blog on the best quit smoking disposable vapes also helps you match the right vape to your lifestyle.

We want to make sure all of our customers have the best possible initial experience with vaping, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with any question. Alternatively, head in to your nearest myCigara branch, where our friendly, expert staff will be waiting to assist you.