Vape Staff Picks For Christmas 2020

by Theo Wilson
Best Christmas Vapes: Staff Picks 2020

Best Christmas Vapes: Staff Picks 2020

Our team members are at the heart of everything that we do. They are always on hand to help and will always take the time to give you their Christmas vape recommendation. With COVID-19 shutting down vape shops across the country, we knew that we had to find a way to connect our customers to our team.

When it comes to finding the perfect present for the vaper in your life, there is no one better to ask than the people who have been in the industry for years. In this article, you will find a few familiar faces giving their insight into the best vape kits and vape liquid on the market. Deck the halls with modern features, bigger vapour, and delectable e liquid flavours with recommendations that are perfect for a personal treat or a present.

Nadeem - Store Manager, Arundel Gate

Innokin Sceptre
Juice N Power 10mg Salt Nic Shock 

The Innokin Sceptre pod kit is a good option for people who want an effortless vape experience. Vapers who are always busy love the Innokin Spectre, because its compact frame and 1400mAh battery mean that it is the go-to choice for an inconspicuous yet reliable piece of hardware.

Nadeem has paired his favourite kit with Juice N Power nic salts, which are known for their bold flavour sensations. Our selection of Juice N Power salts includes delicious flavours like Caramel Milkshake and Rainbow Milkshake, both of which contain a full-bodied creamy base making them perfect for a sweet treat at Christmas. Complete with 10mgs of nicotine salt strength, Nadeem’s choice is sure to put a pep in his step throughout the day.

Jonny - Store Manager, Grimsby

Voopoo Argus Pro
PUD Strawberry Milk

Just like Jonny, we love the newest innovations that the vape industry has to offer. The Voopoo Argus Pro has taken centre stage as the newest addition to our online vape shop. This sub ohm vape kit comes complete with an astounding 3000mAh battery, a 0.96inch OLED screen for customisation, and a variable airflow function which allows you to create the perfect vape hit.

Paired with PUD vape liquid, this device is unstoppable. PUD is the newest vape brand from Joe’s Juice, and its focus on festive flavours has made it an instant fan-favourite. One puff on this vape liquid transports us back to summer days. It evokes the taste of sweet strawberries mashed together with a delectable milk base. Like Strawberry Milkshake, PUD’s Vanilla Custard e liquid mixes in a hint of nostalgia to take us back to simpler times.

Rob - Store Manager, Doncaster

Voopoo Drag X
Cosmic Fog Honey Milk Shortfill  

Rob knows that Voopoo never fails to deliver. The Drag X is the ultimate vape kit for image-conscious vapers. It features an anti-perspiration, anti-scratch, and anti-fingertip design alongside a smooth alloy exterior complemented by an ergonomic leather grip patch. What is more, the GENE TT chipset features smart coil recognition and 0.001-second firing. If you are looking for vape Christmas gifts that are ahead of the game, look no further than the Voopoo Drag X.

Milk and Honey e liquid is a hidden jewel. Like all the other shortfills in Cosmic Fog’s range, this product benefits from a year of research and development. The syrupy goodness of honey combines with creamy milk notes to create a vape juice that is akin to a comforting hug. It contains 70% vegetable glycerin, which makes it ideal for sub ohm enthusiasts who want to experience dense clouds. Browse through our entire Cosmic Fog range to find more delicious high VG e liquid shortfills.

Amin - Sales Consultant, Dalston

Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit
Dinner Lady Lemon Sherbets Nic Salt  

Amin’s pick shows that the classics still triumph. Uwell surprised the market when they erred away from their usual sub ohm vape kit designs and created the Caliburn pod kit. This device is perfect for people who want to take a compact device with them wherever they go. A hassle-free experience is at the heart of this design. It features a fixed wattage output which ensures a consistent vape and avoids the time-consuming configuration process, as well as a draw-activated system which means that your vape hit is never too far away. If you are looking for a vape Christmas present for the adventurer in your life, the Uwell ticks all the boxes.

Our Dinner Lady Tuck Shop range features several delicious Christmas vape juice options. As the name suggests, Lemon Sherbets evokes the signature taste of sweet and bitter candy. This 50ml shortfill comes with 0mgs of nicotine strength, which means that there is always enough room for a nic shot of your choice.

If you like this time tested flavour, you will love the bitter bursts of sweetness inside Apple Sours e liquid.

Claire - Store Manager, Dumfries

Geekvape Aegis X Mod
Dinner Lady Blackcurrant Orange Crush 

Claire’s Christmas vape device features a whole host of customisable options. The Geekvape Aegis X is one of the best vape kits for sub ohm vaping on the market because it delivers an intense hit and immense vapour. An ergonomic rubber grip complements the zinc-alloy body, which features dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof safety features. The AS 2.0 chipset opens a world of attractive options such as multiple user modes, fast firing and charging, and precise temperature control. All these features prove that the Geekvape Aegis X is a modern titan. If you have a mod mad friend, then this is the best sub ohm vape kit for them.

By pairing her sub ohm tank with Dinner Lady’s Black Orange Crush e liquid, Claire has created a taste explosion. The full-bodied flavour of blackcurrant combines with a citrus orange punch and a menthol breeze to create a satisfying vape experience. Meanwhile, the 70VG/30PG mixture guarantees dense, immense vapour.

Gill - Store Manager, Stockton

Voopoo Argus Pro Kit
Cosmic Fog Butter Apple Shortfill

Voopoo’s insistence on using high-quality materials and reacting to customer demand set their brand apart from all others. That is why we are not surprised to see the Argus Pro making another appearance on our list. Sub ohm vape fans were delighted when this vape kit entered the market because it combines functionality and style with an astounding cloud production capacity. If you are searching for a present for the cloud chaser in your life, look no further than the Argus Pro.

We love the fact that Gill has paired this device with a Cosmic Fog product. This brand is known for focusing on sub ohm vapers, and their products never fail to deliver. On the inhale, Butter Apple offers a burst of crisp apple freshness, followed closely by pinches of cinnamon and caramel on the exhale. These flavours intertwine to create a satisfying experience that creates a satisfying vape experience time after time. This e liquid is the ultimate winter warmer for Christmas 2020.

Tom - Sales Consultant, Attercliffe

Voopoo Drag X Vape Kit
Dinner Lady Pink Wave E Liquid 

The success of the Voopoo Drag X has become a running theme throughout this list. With his choice, Tom has joined the ranks of thousands of people in the vape UK community who favour compact yet powerful devices. The success of the Drag X can be attributed in part to Voopoo’s new score ranking system, which tells users whether their puffs are ‘iron’ or ‘king’. This is truly one for the more competitive, advanced vaper who likes to stay in control of their vape experience.

Dinner Lady makes yet another appearance, this time with Pink Wave. This delicious e liquid is sure to bring a burst of fruity freshness to your Christmas celebrations. Complete with a sweet strawberry base, a generous helping of citrusy oranges, and bursts of coconuts, this vape liquid focuses on bold, refreshing flavours. If you want a lightweight vape to combat the usual festive feast, look no further than Pink Wave.

Zayn - Sales Consultant, Bethnal Green

Voopoo Drag 2 Vape Kit
Dr Vapes Dat Blue Stuff Shortfill  

Zayn’s top pick shows that plain, boring devices are a thing of the past. Voopoo’s Drag 2 Refresh Edition Kit features a stylish resin body which is available in Aurora, Scarlet, Ink, Puzzle, and Dawn skin options. But this kit is not just a pretty face. It also comes complete with a GENE.FIT chipset that works alongside the increased battery capacity to boost performance across the board. Super-fast firing, intelligent coil detection, and a choice between Cloud Mode and Flavour Mode make the Drag 2 stand out as one of the best sub ohm vape kit on the market.

We love the fact that Zayn has paired a classic e liquid flavour with a device packed of modern technology. ‘Dat Blue Stuff’ is a signature e liquid from Dr Vapes, a brand known for its innovative flavour sensations. On the inhale, blue raspberry slush tingles against your tastebuds, whilst a burst of icy menthol brings all the complementary flavours together on the exhale. Old school has never looked so cool. Browse through our Dr Vapes range to discover more signature flavours like Pink Panther.

Clement - Store Manager, Hammersmith

Geekvape Aegis Boost Pod Kit
Pacha Mama Strawberry Kiwi 20mg Pod Salt  

We knew that it would not be long before the Geekvape Aegis Boost Pod Kit made it to the top of someone’s list. Clementine has opted for a compact vape kit that is widely recognised for both its durability and reliability. An astounding internal 1500mAh battery supports all-day vaping, whilst fast 0.8 second firing and an adjustable airflow mean that you can get a customised vape experience in under a second. With dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof capabilities, this is the perfect Christmas vape gift for an adventurer who wants to start 2021 as they mean to go on.

Created by Charlie’s Chalk Dust, Pacha Mama began as a dream to create unexpected flavour combinations using premium ingredients. We love this brand because it focuses on tastes from the tropics. Flavours like Honeydew Melon and Icy Mango deliver a burst of sweetness throughout the day. Strawberry Kiwi combines the sweet taste of strawberries with the tart to create a fruity base followed by a chilled ice exhale. You are never too far away from a sunny beach when you use Pacha Mama nic salts, which promote a smooth throat hit. With 20mgs of nicotine strength, Clementine has opted for a product that is suitable for advanced vapers who want a strong dose of nicotine.

Steven - Store Manager, Firth Park

Voopoo Drag X Vape Kit
Dinner Lady Sweet Fruits Nic Salt  

The Voopoo Drag X triumphs again! This list goes to show that vapers favour brands that listen to them. Customisable is the word with the Drag X. Unlike a lot of sub ohm vape mods, which have a less than stellar or completely non-existent adjustable airflow feature, the Drag X boasts the full scope of airflow preferences. Your perfect vape hit is just around the corner with this sub ohm vape hit

We were not surprised to see this device paired with Dinner Lady’s Sweet Fruits e liquid. Both products pack a punch, with your flavour experience being the focus. On the inhale, sweet and delicate notes of summer and winter fruits are intertwined with a candied sugar finish to create a vape liquid that can satisfy any sweet tooth.

Liam - Store Manager, Darlington

Voopoo Drag X Vape Kit
Cigara Original Menthol E Liquid 

Liam’s choice of device has proven to be a popular one. We believe that the Voopoo Drag X is a fan-favourite because it is suitable for all types of vapers. Whether you are a beginner looking for a device with customisable options, and intermediary user, or an advanced vaper who knows exactly how they want their vape experience, the Drag X delivers. 

Cigara Originals are known for their quality ingredients and high performance. Menthol e liquid is one of their earliest flavours, and it is perfect for people who prefer a singular flavour experience. Like the rest of the Cigara Originals range, Menthol is available in 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg nicotine strength options which makes it ideal for all preferences. If you are searching for a gift for someone special in your life who wants to reduce their nicotine intake, look no further. Vapers can enjoy a refreshing menthol blast no matter how much nicotine is in the mixture.

Vishal - Store Manager, Great Portland

Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit
Dr Vapes ‘Dat Blue Stuff’ Nic Salt 

The Caliburn Pod Kit was bound to pop up again. As well as being the ideal choice for vapers who want a compact, lightweight, and discrete vape pen, the Caliburn features Uwell’s signature Pro-FOCS flavour technology. We recommend this product for vapers who want to squeeze every drop of flavour out of their favourite e liquid.

Paired with another iconic vape industry product, there is no stopping the Caliburn vape kit. Fans of ‘Dat Blue Stuff’ delight in the old school taste of raspberry slush. The menthol exhale emphasises the icy notes in this vape juice, which makes for an energising vape experience. Whether you are searching for gifts for a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user, ‘Dat Blue Stuff’ is sure to appeal to every taste bud.

Vape Shop myCigara Staff Picks

Our team members certainly know what they are talking about. Their preferences reflect the best products that the industry has to offer. With vape Christmas presents at the forefront of everyone’s mind, it pays to have an expert’s opinion. Despite all the products on this list being exceptional in their field, we could not help but notice that a few devices and e liquids stood out from the rest.

Voopoo reigns supreme in this Christmas showdown. Their insistence on quality, functionality, and style have made them the top pick in our team’s eyes. The Drag X has even managed to trump the more modern Argus Pro, which shows that it truly is a device ahead of its time. Following closely behind, the Uwell Caliburn pod kit has two honourable mentions whereas the Geekvape Aegis series won two spots for their Boost and X Mod devices.

On to e liquids. Dinner Lady is the unequivocal winner of this knockout fight. Five of our team members have chosen this brand as their favourite, and all have different vape liquid preferences with the likes of Lemon Sherbets and Black Orange Crush popping up throughout this list. It just goes to show that there is something for every taste bud in our Dinner Lady range. Dr Vapes takes second place with two mentions of ‘Dat Blue Stuff’, and Cosmic Fog matches it with one preference for Milk and Honey and one for Butter Apple.

If you want to pull a showstopping gift out of the bag this Christmas, look no further than our wide range of Christmas vape deals. Bundles of e liquid joy abound in our 50ml and 100ml offers, and intense flavour sensations are waiting just around the corner with fan-favourites like the Voopoo Argus Pro hitting our online vape shop just in time for Christmas.